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Body Combat Classes

We provide company employees with a complete range of health and fitness classes and services including individual fitness assessments, exercise prescriptions, wellness seminars, personal training, nutrition classes and aerobic classes.

An Exercise Specialist at Shape Up Fitness works closely with the employer to provide fitness classes (indoor or outdoor) for the company. The programs for corporate companies are conducted in a safe, effective and appropriate manner based upon physiological and structural assessment, medical history, and individuals’ goals and objectives. This in return provides healthier employees and improves productivity at work!

In this nutrition group(5-12 participants) you will learn the key calculations to lose weight and keep it off FOR GOOD! The class is held for 6 weeks and all participants lose between 10-15 pounds depending on each individual. Classes meet once a week for one hour to weigh in and discuss a nutritonal topic related to battling our health and weight issues. In addition to breaking your food addiction April will also make you SWEAT! We will incorporate an hour workout burning up to 700 calories right after class!Before and after photos, measurements and body fat are measured to see success! All individuals will learn that theres no more dieting! The key to losing weight is you changing your lifestyle and in 6 weeks you will see a significant change. Not only will you learn to live healthy and stay out of the GAP  in the real world, but you’ll lose lots of weight, become more energized, and change the way you relate to the world around you.

April Rojas, fitness expert, nutritionist and entrepreneur, instills devotion into every aspect of her life. Fitness has always been a big part of her life-as an accomplished young athlete to watching workouts as a child in her own home, April has a strong background in both nutrition and fitness and has developed programs for every individual.

As an Austinite she has grown-up seeing Austin become the “Fit City” that it now is. As a little girl she watched her father teach young men about fitness and held weight training workouts in her own garage. This inspiration has given her the drive, desire and discipline to form the foundation of SHAPE UP FITNESS! By age 19 she was cleaning treadmills at a local gym as a second job learning the business. After finishing college she went on to accomplish her passion and slowly began using her drive and diligent within the world of business. Don’t ever doubt April-when she puts her mind to something she believes in lets just say there’s no stopping her!

From college she went on to find her first job at Austin Heart Hospital and than to become a nutritionist for Austin Diagnostic Clinic. ” I realized working for others was not for me. I felt I could do a better job and could help others MY way. I knew I had a much stronger purpose in life”. Wasting no time April than went on to teaching classes at a local apartment gym. She realized she had to do something that no one else had done. She continued to work for the hospital while growing her business into the corporate business world.

April’s next endeavor was Shape Up Fitness, a Corporate Wellness Company offering aerobic classes, nutrition, and personal training to apartment communities and Austin companies which she founded in 2005. Now with over 10 locations and providing for over 25 non-profit companies,Shape Up Fitness has climbed the ladder to become what it is today. Her newest exspansion is now providning class in Corpus Christi. April Rojas has raised the bar for wellness and continues to pioneer new concepts in fitness and nutrition.